Take courses

There are so many ways to learn.

Some people like to watch, some like to do, and some like to read.

To meet all of these needs we have made loads of videos about how to bake different kinds of bread, as well as lesson on how to DIY sourdough starters – from making them, to storing and using them.

Classes? You want classes?

For face to face classes, the Bread Angels make up the largest network of micro bakers in the world, and many of them teach from their own microbakeries. Without a doubt, they are some of the best baking classes in the world – lovingly taught by award winning bakers who genuinely care about students and who provide wonderful food, a supportive environment, great skill, and a lots to take home. On the Bread Angels website you can find and book a range of classes from basic bread to sourdough, sweet bread to flat bread, and – of course – take our award winning course on how to set up your own microbakery.

If you cannot get to a face to face class, we have developed a range of online classes for everything from how to make a basic loaf of bread, to how to set up your own microbakery. You can see our full range of onine classes here – and we are adding more all the time.

We also have curated a list of the bread books that we love. They are not necessarily the largest, fanciest or most famous books, but they are the most comprehensive, authentic and entertaining books we can find.

We hope you enjoy learning and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our classes in the near future.