Random and interesting programmes about bread

Over time Virtuousbread.com will collect programmes to help you learn about bread and baking.  Over and over again people say “but what does is actually mean – to knead” or “what does yeast look like when it is proofed” or “how sticky should my dough actually be” or “how do I know when it is done?”.  All of these are perfectly legitimate questions and, for many of us, ones that are best answered with a visual example.

The thing to realise is that, as with all things in life, there is no single answer to any of the above questions.  There are plenty of ways to knead, yeast can look lots of different ways and still work, sticky – well sticky is as sticky does and done is indicated by various things.  The important thing is to get an idea of the answers that are out there, test them out a bit and then find the ones that works for you.

Click some of the links to the right to watch the bread making process in action, see how different kinds of bread are made, and learn about topics related to bread.   As ever, let us know what you think, whether these are helpful and whether there is anything else you might wish to see by contacting us here.