Our favourite bread books

The best books on how to make bread will certainly get you started on your bread making journey.  Good equipment is essential, and videos and recipes will extend your range and encourage you to try out new techniques.  Bread making classes, led by thoughtful and knowledgeable tutors such as the Bread Angels are also invaluable.

Here are our favourite bread books to get you going.  While you wait for them to arrive, you may want to have a look at the bread making videos and come along and take a bread course.  We look forward to meeting you!

Making bread at home
by Jane Mason

Making bread at home by Canadian author Jane Mason is a wonderful re-print of her first book, All You Knead Is Bread. Over 50 unique recipes from around the world that are easy to prepare, beautiful to behold, and delicious to eat.  The book is accompanied by videos on Youtube and Vimeo that demonstrate some of the kneading and shaping techniques that are described in the book. It includes an upfront section on sourdough and there are recipes for gluten free flat bread and pancakes.  The book is divided into four sections, including every day bread, occasional bread, celebration bread, and sweet bread.  A book for every moment in your life.

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The Italian Baker
by Carol Field

The Italian Baker by American author Carol Field is fantastic.  It is the most comprehensive book on Italian baking written in any language.  There are sections devoted to traditional bread, contemporary bread, and cakes and cookies, including classics like breadsticks, and ciabatta and also fantastic recipe for panettone.  In addition, there are helpful up-front sections that explain history, technique and equipment and each recipe gives instructions for kneading by hand, mixer, and processor and the descriptions of how to shape the bread are clear and precise.  The book has just been re-published which is a blessing because a year ago it cost over $100.00 and now it is back down to normal pricing!  This is a must have for anyone wanting to explore the richness of Italian bread.

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by Richard Bertinet

Dough, by French author Richard Bertinet, is an absolutely wonderful book that focuses on a wide range of classical and modern French bread.  Bertinet started life in Northern France and has been baking professionally since he was in his teens.  He has a unique kneading technique and the book is accompanied by a CD which shows the technique as well as how to do the basic shapes that are required to bake the bread in the recipes.  From baguettes and fougasse to groovy hollow bread soup bowls and “bread shots” this is a lovely book that gives you a thorough grounding in French bread.

The Book of Buns
The Book of Buns
by Jane Mason

The Book of Buns, the second book by Jane Mason, published in the autumn of 2013.  It’s a goodie!  With around 60 recipes for buns from around the world, the book is divided into Everyday Buns and Occasional Buns and includes classics such as Bagels, Chelseas and Hot Crossers as well as lesser known buns such as Pan Chancay from Peru and Lovers’ Windows from Iraq.  With plenty of step by step photography, the buns are simple to make and delicious to eat.  Buns.  The new cupcake.