Come and take a class with us

Our bread courses are the best you can find because we truly care about our students.

Our bread courses are small and intimate.  We get to know your name without a name tag, care about you, and work to create learning environments in which you feel comfortable and at home.  Prepare to get sticky and floury because our classes are truly hands on. There are no demos here.  You will mix and knead the dough, shape it and take it home with you at the end of the day.  While the dough rises and bakes, there is plenty of time to ask questions and delve into the process and ingredients for baking bread – or simply socialise with a group of lovely people.

Our classes are timed so that you know you are baking “real bread” – bread that has fermented properly so it not only looks gorgeous and is more flavourful, it is also easier to digest and, therefore, healthier. Finally, classes include teas, coffees, light meals and snacks!  In fact, make sure you come hungry.

You can book your bread class here. You will see there is plenty of choice. With classes all over the UK and content ranging from basic bread to sourdough bread, Italian bread to Easter bread, there is something for everyone and we cater to all skill levels.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.