The elderly

Central and Cecil Housing Care Support runs all sorts of different care facilities and day centres.  It is a charity and I came across it because the grandmother of somebody I know lived and died at a delightful residential care home run by Central and Cecil in North London.

The care home, in Primrose Hill, is a charming facility. There is a lovely garden, a sunny dining room and living room, attentive and caring staff, and good, fresh food.  The mix of residents – from their 70s to their 90s and one at 100 – is broad.  Some are bright and active, while others are confined to their beds.  Some are physically frail and mentally sound and others have very short memories indeed while still others have full blown dementia.  The head of the facility is a delightful, professional, and kind woman called Mary Walsh who, like so many people who work to benefit others, deserves a medal. bakes with the residents once a month to give them something to do, a different kind of activity around which to socialise, and to enable them to contribute to their fellow residents.  We bake around 15 loaves of bread each month, providing fresh, organic, hand made, whole wheat bread which lasts for several meals and causes people to remember how enjoyable and important sharing good bread can be.

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