School children

One of the charitable activities of is baking with primary school children.  Get ’em while they are young.  Children are impressionable.  Children can be fussy.  Many parents believe their children will only eat white sliced bread out of a bag.  Yawn.  Children, in our experience, will eat anything they prepare themselves.  A child who makes a whole meal bun that has his or her initials carved into it before baking will snatch that bun off the baking tray and cram it into his or her mouth without butter, jam, or golden syrup.  Unless the adults in their world feed them white sliced from a bag again, they will never go back. was fortunate enough to meet a governor, and then the deputy head teacher of the East Sheen Primary School.  The school is great:  they have an allotment that the children tend.  They cook with the produce in the canteen.  They have chickens.  They visit farms.  They have Fab Fridays in which no formal lessons are held and the children learn through other kinds of activities:  dance, drama, music, sport, and cooking.

In the fantastic brand new kitchen, will be teaching baking once a month.  The idea is that the children learn all about bread:  farming, milling and baking.  They bake their own bread and, while it’s rising, we will make soup together, or maybe jam – whatever takes our fancy on the day as long as it complements the bread.  We will bake, eat, hang, and generally have a great time, and learn about good bread.

We will be writing up our experiences on the blog so please follow us.