It all started with The Virtue Project

Virtuous . . .

Virtue is lived out in the set of behaviours we use when we are building and maintaining positive relationships.  Every time we interact with others we should try to make it a good experience: respectful, affirming, and appreciative.  Because nobody is perfect, the cycle of apology and forgiveness is central to virtue.

. . . bread

When we eat well we are more patient, tolerant, and kind.  We have better attention spans, are less likely to fly off the handle, and more likely to think clearly and act respectfully.  We will contribute more and take less thus benefiting those closest to us, and society as a whole.

Baking and breaking bread brings people together.  It is an act of creation that is quickly shared and always appreciated, feeding us in every way.

If you are interested in discussing a bread related event – baking, tasting, team building, acting as a collection point for charities, or anything else please contact us.

If you have heard of a bread event or have a story about bread and virtue please contact us.

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