Want to learn more about having a home baking business?  What do people think about the course to become a home baker?  Look no further.

“Along with my wife Corinne,  I had the pleasure of attending the two day Bread Angels course in Hammersmith with Jane Mason.  It was great fun, very informative and above all inspirational.  The whole approached was relaxed and very well organised. Jane made everyone feel so welcome and put us all at ease, while de-mystifying the whole bread making process and guiding us as we baked all sorts of bread.  We left each day with Virtuous Bread bags bulging with our accomplishments and we couldn’t believe how much we had done and ended up freezing some of it.  That said it didn’t stay in the freezer for long. The pace of the course was perfect.  At no time did we feel under any pressure – the perfect combination of practical, theory and coffee.  The number of people on the course was great and we all had plenty of room to work. As the only guy I felt as much part of the team as all of the ladies and it was great fun.

Since the course we have been making bread regularly to perfect our technique and have made good progress.  While it is a shame to throw things away when they go wrong Jane is right in that the ingredients are cheap and you can afford the occasional failure without breaking the bank.  In our case the chickens are always pleased to help dispose of what we don’t fancy eating ourselves!  So far we haven’t taken any specific steps to anything more serious with our newly learned skills but it is rarely far from our thoughts.  I am writing this email from France where I am proud to say that we haven’t bought any French bread this week at all – can’t say the same about the wine though!

Guy or Gal, go on one of these courses if you can – you won’t be sorry.” – Chris Lofts, Traditional English Puddings




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