Isabelle Connor, former Global Head of Marketing for ING Group:

“I’ve always believed that if you want hard working teams, you need to create a fun and inspiring environment.  Hence, I’m always on the look out for creative activities that reinforce team dynamics, foster personal learnings, and provide a good laugh.

It was in this spirit that I contacted Jane Mason to run a bread making event for ING’s Global Marketing Team.  The event was a surprise for the team – no one knew bread baking was on the horizon until we arrived in my apartment and the kitchen became our headquarters for the afternoon.  For me it was great fun observing each new ‘ING baker’, from the Head of Advertising, to the Head of Marketing Strategy to the Marketing Interns, each take their roles of weighing the flour, creating the well, kneading the dough, and shaping the loaves very seriously. It even became a tad competitive. But what I remember most fondly is how much we laughed!

We combined the bread baking with a very interactive Meyers Briggs exercise which I highly recommend.  At 6 pm, as the bread was ready to eat, the caterer arrived with an antipasti buffet. We shared a few bottles of wine, ate our warm home-made bread with our antipasti treats, cranked up the music, danced and had an absolute ball.  Jane is such an amazing multifaceted professional that in one afternoon you not only learn how to bake and the virtues of bread, but you benefit from her years of experience as a strategy consultant/organizational change leader, and her amazing dancing skills!!!

If you’re looking for a unique, fun, easy and inexpensive team building afternoon, look no further!  On a scale of 0 to 10, it’s a solid 12. I’m a HUGE promoter of Virtuous Bread!”

Testamonials 1Camilla Barnard, Director, Rude Health:

“I had no idea it was possible to achieve so much in half a day. Not only did we crack a business development issue that had taken up weeks of time with little progress, but we also went home with fantastic bread. To cap it all, Jane’s bread-making business morning is the only event that both Marketing & Finance want to repeat.”

Katharine Danton, Director, Unltd.Testamonials 2

“At UnLtd we are surrounded by inspiring people, funding social entrepreneurs who find innovative, sustainable and authentic solutions to social problems. Jane Mason is one such inspiring person, and we were keen to experience as a research and policy team some of the magic binding potential of bread making. We had both an enjoyable day and a hard working day. Jane created an environment for us where we were able to talk freely about some of the tougher issues the department faced and get to some solid solutions. Since the experience the team has been getting stronger and stronger. Jane’s theory of how bread making can bring people together is best understood simply by experiencing it first hand.”

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