Micro bakeries

At Virtuous Bread, we see a network of people up and down the land running their very own businesses – micro bakeries! These people are called Bread Angels, and we believe there will come a time when every community has one!  Click here to set up your own microbakery today! 

Benefits to owning your own microbakery

  1. You own your own businesses, earning money by working how, when, and where you want doing something you love.
  2. You build relationships in your local community by getting to know the people and businesses close to you, and by becoming a lynch pin
  3. You give people access to good bread locally.

Own your own microbakery

Take the Bread Angel course and learn to build your own microbakery business in which you bake bread and deliver it locally to your neighbours, cafes, delis, day centres, schools, farmers’ markets, etc.  Become a Bread Angel – a network of supportive micro bakers around the world. Bread Angels have our very own website that contains a Bread Angel finder so people can find you.  We also have an incredible social media presence so we have our finger on the pulse of local press, food organisations, bread groups, and other related bodies.  We help Bread Angels publicise themselves and their bread.

Teach bread courses

Once you have become a Bread Angel and have spent a few months building up your business, you may want to become a trainer – teaching others how to bake bread and how to set up microbakeries of their own.

Being a Bread Angel is so much more than being a baker or teaching baking – it is about being part of a community who all have a shared aim of effecting positive social change through bread.

Student Testamonials

“This enjoyable, stimulating course really hit the spot for me with comprehensive, practical information on setting up a micro bakery business, and a great deal of useful advice and shared experience in creating bread that will sell to different customers.  I returned home raring to go. Perhaps the best accolade I could give the trainer, Gaye Whitwam, is that my micro bakery, Everybread, was trading less that four months later.  Gaye has been a terrific support since the course, continuing to share her knowledge and experience and put me in touch with others who can help.  This is not only a teaching programme, it is the entry into a supportive network of fellow micro bakers.”

Iain Every, Everybread, Manchester

“The Bread Angel course was a real surprise to me. From a simple curiosity bread making moved into a real interest and now I am a bread fanatic! Jane’s enthusiasm is dangerously contagious. Her passion for bread sticks to you like the dough sticks to your hands: very difficult to get rid of! The course format is very conducive and extremely friendly. Pity it does not last longer!

Jane is very knowledgeable and supportive and makes everything look doable and easy even for people with no manual dexterity like me. For the first time in my life I was looking forward to doing my homework and having a great time doing it. It is also the only “hobby” of mine that my family has wholeheartedly welcomed and embraced.

My friends are very happy too . The only problem I have found is the limited size of my oven! I have the feeling that a further touch of Jane’s enthusiasm will make me solve that problem too.”

Giuliano Gregorio, London

“Gaye, you’ll be so proud of me! I just spent the afternoon @ the bi-annual farmers’ market at my school. I made 60 (yes 60!) loaves. 12 each of sandwich white, cheese and pumpkin, granary and cranberry, seeded wholemeal and pesto olive bread and I sold every single one of them for £3 each!

I was up way before the dawn so bone weary now but a massive sense of achievement too. Thanks for all your knowledge and encouraging words on the course. I’ve done it! I AM A BAKER!!!”

Tizzy Rose, Stratford upon Avon

41 Replies to “Micro bakeries”

  1. Very interested in attending your bread angels course.
    I currently work in the City (lawyer) and looking to start a new career at home (Hertford). Passionate about ‘good bread’ and whilst have had a go at home really need some instruction!
    Therefore, if you could let me have some further information I would love to hear from you.
    Kind regards,

  2. Bread making is a passion I now wish to upscale to be my living. My ambition is to actually grow the wheat for the bread and to ‘nurture nature’ from field to plate. I would love to do a course that combines bread making with setting up a bread making business. There is nothing like this in Northern Ireland. Please consider coming over as we have some of the best breads here you’ll ever eat!!

  3. Just spent a hugely enjoyable two days on the Bread Angels Course. The course was delivered professionally but in a warm and inspirational manner. An unexpected bonus was a delicious lunch on both days! Good bread and a good lunch – what more could any girl ask for? Need now to put what I have learnt into practice. Look forward to attending further courses in the future and, hopefully, meeting up again with some of my fellow students. Keep up the good work Jane
    Sticky Mitts

    1. Hi Gaye and all the bread angels from the week end – Nick, Sarah, and Jean

      it was such a pleasure to have met you all. I had such a lovely couple of days with you all and am thrilled to follow your progress and plans. I will let you know when Breadangels.com is up and running and will get busy building that bread oven so we can have a reunion! Jane

  4. I still can’t find the course dates – Bread Angel 2 day course!!

    where are they? Am I missing something. I click on ‘click here’ but it doesn’t produce dates.

  5. Bread is my comfort, bread is my joy but alas bread also makes me fat!
    Just one slice of wholegrain a day and all attempts at losing weight are doomed. And gives me heartburn!
    High Protein Low Carb (HPLC) works for me and I am thinking of setting up a website and club based in Leicestershire. I would like to offer myself and my members a delicious HPLC bread. It would contain high protein flours, soya maybe, possibly wheat gluten, flax and seeds.
    Are any of you Bread Angels up for the challenge? If so get in touch and we can work out the recipe together.
    [email protected]
    Looking forward to your comments and ideas. Judy

  6. Is there any possibility of the speciality bread courses (Italian, sourdough, bagels) and/or micro-bakery session being offered in Northern Ireland? Thanks.

  7. Hi Bread Angels, I seriously humbly need a whole set of help and tips regarding my intention to start a bread baking business here in where i live. I hope to receive adequate assistance and technical support from your team of experts.

    Thank you.

  8. Hello bread Angels,
    I am extremely interested in taking ur classes. I reside in Jim Thorpe Pa. Pls send me information on classes & any information regarding setting up a small bread baking business fm home. Thank you so much, have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. Hi Robbin

      I am delighted to hear from you!!! Sadly we are not yet operating in the USA. I would love to do so but it is a logistical conundrum for me. I need to have a place to teach, a place to stay, to get there and to have equipment and ingredients – the set up for teaching is just not simple!!! If you can figure out how I can do it – or have any suggestions, I would love to hear them because I would adore to teach you!

  9. Are there any bread angels and/or bread making courses you can recommend in Ireland – either North or South? I live in Northern Ireland but I’m happy to travel. D

    1. Hi Denis, thanks for the message! I have e mailed you with a copy to our Bread Angel in N Ireland! I am sure she will be in touch – or reach out to her directly. Jane

  10. hi , i live in birmingham .Is there any person to guid me for learning and setting me up for my own business.

    1. Hello and thank you for writing. If you go here:


      you will see where all the trainers are who run the microbakery course. We hope to welcome you!

  11. Please I’m interested in your Bread Angel courses in Newcastle could you let me have some further information. I would be glad to hear from you.

    1. Hello! The closest BA to you is in London. If you look here:http://breadangels.com/business/ you will find the trainers for the BA course. I wish we had someone closer to you but maybe you can do a week end course and fit in a trip to London at the same time! We would love to welcome you.

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