Bread in Germany

Arguably the most advanced bread culture in the world, the Germans have more bakeries and eat more varieties of bread than any other country in the world (according to Wikipedia so it must be true…).  There are now 2256 officially recognised types of bread in Germany and they are applying for UNESCO recognition for bread.  There is even a bread register where you can track the progress the German’s make categorising and grouping and cataloguing bread.  Only the Germans….

The germans tend to eat sour dough bread made with rye, spelt and wheat flours and packed with grains and seeds.  They also indulge in white flour for their pretzels and bread rolls.  Eaten at virtually every meal, bread still forms a cornerstone of the German diet.

There are literally thousands of bakers all over Germany and bread is a regional issue.  In this section are just a tiny few of the best that we have come across and these only from Hamburg and Munich.  To find them click here or on the link to the left.  As ever if you would like to nominate a baker for the virtual network please contact us!