Where is the good stuff?

In the UK

In the UK, there is a growing number of good bakeries. A great first place to start is at the Bread Angels web site where you can look for a micro bakery near you. Click here to see if you have a Bread Angel baking near you.

In Germany

Germany has many excellent bakeries but, beware, it has many not so excellent bakeries too. Here is a great article that lists the best bread in Hamburg. The article is in German, but the names and addresses are obvious. Hopfisterei and Manufactum Brot & Butter have bakers all over Germany and the bread is super. Germans will have very strong feelings about bread so if you visit, talk to a few locals and get some tips.

In Cape Town

In Cape Town and the surrounding areas you can get great bread. Many restaurants bake their bread in house and although it may be plain, it’s always delicious. Smart restaurants located on wine estates always have excellent bread and there are some super little bakeries with amazing bread. You can read more about that here.

In Toronto

Toronto is not the land of good bread, which is interesting given the diversity of the people. Here is an article about bread in Toronto.

In Sweden

Stockholm has great bread and some of the most stylish and beautiful bakeries in the world. These include:

Brunkebergs Bagerie
Ett Bagerei
Valhalla Bagerei
Bakery and Spice
Green Rabbit