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  1. We live in Rossland and have been baking sourdough from our own starter for about six months, but have been baking hand made rbeads for close to 10 – is there a network here in Canada? We live in the Interior BC, just 30min from the US border

    1. Hi Shani

      How lovely to hear from you. I am originally Canadian, although from the other side of the country. After 25 years in London, I now divide my time between London (england…) and Mexico, with trips back to Canada to visit my parents. I would LOVE to start Bread Angels in Canada but I have logistical issues doing so because I have to get there, have somewhere to stay, somewhere to work, all my equipment, and enough students to make it worth while! I get e mails from people in the US, Canada, and even Australia and New Zealand all the time and it frustrates me that I cannot get to you! SO, no there is no network in North America much though I would love to start it – and it does not take much to start it – just more than I have at the moment. If you have any ideas at all how to start it so that I don’t kill myself financially to do it, I would love to hear! Sincerely….I hope to hear from you!

  2. Hello Virtuous Bread,

    I love the concept of the Bread Angels and I think the USA or at least San Diego is ready for it. There seem to be a growing movement toward locally sourced and healthy grain among home bakers. Please contact me to start a dialogue.
    Best wishes from sunny San Siego and Crustique Breads (Sibyl)

    1. Dear Sibyl

      Thank you for your message – I loved to receive it! I would love to start Bread Angels in North America and yes, I do feel it is ready for it. My problem is that I don’t live in the US and so none of my gear is there. To get me, and some gear over to the US and find somewhere to stay and somewhere to teach would sadly cost me a fortune and I can never be guaranteed I will find enough students to at least cover my costs! I do get lots of requests but the uS is so BIG!!! They are from all corners of the country and I have never been able to find a way around the logistical problems. If you have any bright ideas, I would LOVE to hear them.

  3. Don’t let the size trip you up. There is enough interest to keep you booked without having to fly coast to coast, though some travel would be necessary. One begins with one location and expands from there. Take a look at Sofar, Songs from a Room. They are now worldwide but began in a friend’s living room in Belsize Park. if the bonafides are there you could be very busy. I have friend who teaches riding in the US 2 -4 times a year and could easily book more clinics. Gear isn’t an issue. A commercial kitchen cna be rented daily almost anywhere affordably. Post your qualifications and let’s make it happen.

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