UK Millers

There are a couple of very large, excellent millers of organic flour in the UK and you can always find their flour on supermarket shelves.  Dove’s farm is probably the most famous of these.  There are smaller millers who may not have the power or the inclination to get on the supermarket shelves and who make absolutely excellent flour.  The ones whose flour we have used are listed below.  If you are a miller and would like to send us a sample to try in the bakery or if you are a baker and would like to recommend a miller to us please contact us.

The importance of stone ground flour cannot be underestimated.  The Traditional Corn Millers Guild is an excellent resource and has a mill finder here.

All of the millers below come recommended.  Many do mail order.


Stoates Flour at Cann Mill

West Country:
Shipton Mill
Clyston Mill
Burcott Mill

Welsh borders:
Bacheldre Mill

The Watermill

Mt Pleasant Windmill
Cogglesford Mill
Maud Foster Mill

East Anglia:
Wicken Windmill
Foster’s Mill
Denver Mill
Leatheringsett Water Mill
Marriages Millers

Redbournbury Mill

There is an excellent source of sprouted flour that sells mail order and they are called Breadlink.