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The Real Bread Campaign has a “bread finder” on its website that you can use to find bakers in your area if you don’t find what you need here.  This is a list of bakers whose products are excellent and lovingly made and whose bread we have tried and loved.  At the moment it is necessarily short – we have not had a lot of time to do research!  f you have a favourite baker please let us know and we will contact them to taste their wares!  Please note that many of these bakers have mail order services and many also have bread making classes.  Have an explore and see what you can find to your taste!


Out of London

East Anglia

West Country

South East

South West





7 Replies to “UK Bakers”

  1. When I was 7, we moved to a little West Country village called Yatton. One of my fondest memories is of walking to the village bakery on Saturday mornings and getting freshly baked bread, hot from the oven. Breakfast would be this marvellous bread, consumed with lashings of butter.

    All these years later, I’m thrilled to see that family baker, Pullins, still thriving and featured here. If they’re half as good as they used to be, they’re well worth seeking out if you’re in that area.



    1. Hey! How fun to know someone who grew up with Pullins. They are indeed a great bakery still – and the same cannot be said for many. I will pass your comments on to them. Jane

  2. Hi I am a member of the Real Bread Campaign I teach on at least 1 Sunday a month and am based in Walsall west midlands.I produce sourdough breads and yeast-ed breads as well as a monthly special .This month Potato bread ,last month Sun dried ,basil,and pepper top Granary.
    When in Walsall come to the Mellish Road and get Hand Made delicious bread free from additives/preservatives and general nastiest.Made the Slow Loaf way slowly

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