Bread in Sweden

Swedish bread is more than cracker bread.  Sweden is enjoying a resurgence of its traditional bread culture after years in the doldrums.  After the war Swedish bakers started to buy bread mixes in huge sacks which they used to bake the daily bread bought and consumed by Swedes up and down the country.  The healthy sour dough breads traditionally made with spelt and rye flours began to disappear and white sliced bread, bread with preservatives, and bread with chemicals took over – sold in even the finest bakers.

Today, young bakers are throwing away the mixes and setting up on their own in tiny bakeries where you can not only watch them work, but have a cup of coffee and a sandwich while you decide which of the amazing loaves to buy.  To find them click here or on the link to the left.  We have only explored a tiny corner of Stockholm so if you have a virtuous baker you would like to recommend, please contact us!

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