Easy recipe for delicious stuffing

Got stale bread?  Wait!  Don’t throw it away!  You can use stale bread for many things and this post is all about using stale bread to make stuffing for meat, fish, or vegetables.  It takes about 3 minutes, uses ingredients that are easy to find and tastes delicious.  And it uses up stale bread.  So you would like to know how to make stuffing?  Here is one way to make stuffing using stale bread.  It’s a different and special and unique stuffing recipe, just in time for Thanksgiving.  And just in case your bread is stale and you don’t feel like making stuffing – freeze the stale bread or dry it thoroughly so it won’t mold and store it in an airtight jar or bag until you are ready to use it!

Just remember the quality of all of the ingredients that you use count.  No point using the industrially made loaf on your organic meat/fish/veg!  Use good stale bread – remember you are not wasting it, you are eating it and you don’t want that chemically taste of industrially processed bread to pollute your lovely stuffing!  There are lots of great, simple recipes for bread – click here for one and here for more!


150 grams of delicious stale bread (this is the weight after you cut the crusts off).
1/2 a small can of anchovies – the kind in olive oil
1 tablespoon of capers
3 big branches of rosemary – so about 60 needles in total
6 sage leaves (with the centre vein cut out so just use both “halves” of the leaf)
5 cloves of garlic, peeled
salt and pepper to taste
1 handful of pine nuts


In the morning when you discover the bread is kind of stale and won’t be ok the next day, cut it into cubes and leave it lying on a plate so it can get REALLY stale by the evening.

Get your ingredients together and do the following:

1.  Put the garlic, capers, anchovies, and pine nuts in the magimix and pulse it until they are mushed up.
2.  Add the bread and pulse again until it is a mush.
3.  Add the salt, pepper and herbs and turn it on until it forms a paste.  If it does not form a paste add about a tablespoon of water but this is not a stuffing that you spread, its a stuffing the you can squish into a ball with your hands and place or sprinkle or STUFF on or in whatever you are stuffing.

To stuff something you are going to roll:

Unroll the thing (lamb, pork, fish, beef strips of aubergine…) and pat it dry.  Lightly season the inside.  Sprinkle/squash the stuffing on top – all the way to the sides and not too thick or you won’t be able to roll it up.  Roll the thing up and either skewer it closed or tie it up with string.  Bake according to the normal instructions you would use to do a stuffed thing.

Boned leg of lamb stuffed with bread stuffing and ready to roll and bake

Boned leg of lamb stuffed with bread stuffing and ready to roll and bake

To stuff a bird:

Stuff the stuffing in the bird and remember to give an extra 20 minutes when you roast it.

To stuff a mushroom or a pepper or a courgette flower (or anything else):

Spoon the stuffing in/on and pack it down lightly.  Grill/fry/bake as you wish.

Delicious, simple stuffing that makes anything taste better and impresses your guests!

No string, no problem!  This is what we had to do when we discovered there was no string or skewers:

Not exactly rolled - we had no string!  Just kind of squashed together with aluminium foil!

Not exactly rolled – we had no string! Just kind of squashed together with aluminium foil!

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