Virtuous Bread was founded in 2010 as a social enterprise to effect positive social change through bread. Since then it has grown and changed. Today, Virtuous Bread is a brand that inspires people around the world to develop their unique skills and create their own businesses in which people work together to add value to their local communities – wherever they may be – in order to build a better world for all.

I founded Virtuous Bread. I was born in Canada. My mother immigrated from Germany in 1950 and my father was a refugee, fleeing the UK in 1941 on one of the last boats to sail. I returned to the UK as a university graduate, I have an MBA from London Business School and, until 2005, I was a partner in a global strategy consulting firm, working with senior executives in global financial and professional services firms to help resolve strategic, organisational, and leadership issues. On my travels, I approached bakers all over the world and begged them to teach me how they made bread. I am deeply grateful to generous bakers from Cambodia to Canada, Sweden to South Africa, and all points in between.

From 2005-2010 I spent most of my time working as an independent consultant and moon-lighted as a professional baker. For six months I worked on a project to develop a contemporary understanding of virtue and how to embed it more deeply and broadly in society at large, as a way to get us out of the social crisis that the financial crisis had brought to light.

In 2010, I woke up one morning and realised I could change the world through bread. I set up Virtuous Bread to make it fun and easy for people all over the world to make, find, and learn about good bread and in so doing to forge the link between bread and virtue. I set up a micro bakery, became known as The Bread Lady, and started teaching bread classes at home. I realised I could not change the world alone, so I developed the Bread Angels micro bakery course to teach people how to set up and run their very own micro bakery and teach others how to bake. Several years after that, I developed a fully virtual version of the course to enable people around the world to become micro bakers even if they could not get to a trainer to do the course in person. Today, the Bread Angels is the largest network of micro bakers in the world.

Virtuous Bread helps to create a world in which we are more responsible regarding the choices we make:  what we do, what we eat, and how we build communities around us at work and at home that are based on positive and progressive relationships. Together, we can change the world for good.

Jane Mason